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Rain Cover+ PVC Flat Sheets

Rain Cover+ is our easy to use flat sheet ground cover system, offering you quick protection against rain prior to or during play.

Strong and translucent, the Rain Cover+ is engineered from high quality PVC to give maximum durability for frequent use.

The Rain Cover+ is designed to be a cost effective waterproof covering system.

At Climate Cover we understand the compromise between performance and cost. For clubs with limited budgets using a strong,reliable cover is essential. We have tested many varying materials, comparing expenditure against performance and life span. Our conclusion is that a translucent PVC material with high quality reinforced edges and handles is an excellent alternative for a budget cover.

The Rain Cover+ can be left on for short periods i.e.the night before a game, but should be used as a waterproof cover only and not as a germination cover.

The cover should be removed as soon as possible prior to a game starting, to reduce the sweating effect and allow the grass plant to recover before play takes place.

Covers come in various sizes and to suit any site and individual requirements.


• 100% waterproof

• Manufactured to the highest possible standardsin strength and design

• Made from 85% translucent scrim reinforced PVC 330 grams per m2

• Hemmed and eyeleted edges made fromreinforced webbing

• Metal eyelets are inserted every 5ft and have a breaking strength of 250kg

• Handles are placed 2/3 m or 12/15ft

• Cover repairs can easily be completed on site.

1 Pitch 80ft x 15ft - £774.00 £65.00
2 Pitch+ 80ft x 20ft - £1,032.00 £65.00
3 Pitch+ 80ft x 30ft - £1,549.00 £65.00
4 Pitch 80ft x 35ft - £2065.00 £65.00
Run Up Sheets 2no.40ft x 15ft - £798.00 £65.00
All +vat All +vat