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Design & constuction of bespoke MUGA at Birkdale School

Client: Birkdale School
Location: Sheffield

Having identified the need for a new 10 cricket practice facility, Birkdale school opted to create a new facility suitable for cricket, football and a number of other sports on the site of a disused tennis court; this meant that the investment would go into a facility that could be used year-round; rather than 8-10 weeks a year. The new synthetic MUGA (Mixed Use Games Area) would be the size of a mini soccer field, with features including an innovative retractable netting system alongside recessed goal areas; it key that the facility be built to ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) approved standards.

TP Solution:
total-play Ltd was engaged as main contractor for the entire project – from initial design planning and site clearance through earthworks, complex land forming, drainage installation, surface construction and perimeter fencing; with no external contractors involved.

total-play’s design includes a complex perimeter drainage system to protect the new facility from any flooding / excess surface water and the installation of a high quality non-turf surface that, based on the company’s ECB-approved tp365 playing surface, comprises a dynamic sub-base construction topped with artificial shock pad and a high-performance Wilton Woven playing surface.

This, combined with a bespoke, 10-lane retractable netting system means that the facility can easily be transformed from cricket practice nets that are in-line with ECB performance standards to a non-turf pitch suitable for a variety of other sports. A 3m high perimeter fencing system with goal recesses, pedestrian and double-gated access for machinery completes the facility.

Birkdale School pitch before renovation
Birkdale School Muga Finished
Birkdale School ground being leveled Birkdale School Muga goal zone under construction Birkdale School pitch before renovation Total-Play Birkdale School new pitch in construction Birkdale Cricket Turf In Progress Total-Play Birkdale Cricket Turf In Progress Snow Total-Play Birkdale School Muga Goal Area under Construcion Birkdale School Muga Fencing Birkdale School Pitch carpet aligning Birkdale School Muga Finished Turf Total-Play