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Natural Turf Cricket Square Profile Regeneration

Client: Olney Town CC
Location: Northampton

​Carry out site investigation, propose and implement schedule of works to alleviate significant saddling and uneven surface levels on the club’s natural square; also construct three new natural pitches and install a non-turf match pitch.

TP Solution:
Given the issues presented by the surface, and the fact that new pitches were to be installed, simple square restoration works didn’t fit the bill at the Olney ground. On the other hand, the target timescales, and the fact that the club had a limited budget, meant the construction of a completely new square was out of the question. Instead, total-play recommended a process to ‘bridge the gap’ between the two; which effectively regenerates and recycles the existing pitch profile.

Works included:

The project commenced in September 2012 and was completed within two weeks; with total-play then providing the club with a recommended maintenance schedule and keeping a close eye on progress over the following months.


Olney Pitch Before Total-Play Olney Pitch After Total-Play Cricket Square 2