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In 2016 we added a third ECB approved non turf pitch system design to the range – the ‘tpB1’, which utilises tried and tested components from our flagship ‘tp365’ design with the inclusion of an engineered asphalt base layer. This addition to the range offers the client even greater choice and options when selecting a system to meet specific demands or site characteristics. ‘tpB1’ comprises an aggregate base, bound engineered asphalt layer with a ‘tp2’ shock-pad and premium quality Wilton Woven surface, delivering a system specifically capable of withstanding regular flooding, high usage with ultra low maintenance. Due to the bound asphalt layer, a static ‘synthetic’ playing characteristic is derived during a more definitive base lifespan and maintenance expectation. Further enhancements in 2019 has led to the ECB approved ‘tpB1 NPC’ system which features our new ‘Natural Pitch Colour’ playing surface carpets. ‘tpB1’ has been developed to complement our existing ‘unbound’ systems; the ‘tpB1’ system is now one of only two ECB accredited systems which incorporate a ‘bound’ asphalt / bitumen layer. Developed drawing on experience gained from designing and constructing cricketing and other sporting facilities all over the country, the ‘tpB1’ system is designed to fulfil a specific market demand and also the increased risk of flooding faced by many sites. The bound system’s benefits add to total-play’s existing range of approved systems; meaning it simply covers all bases when it comes to client needs and ground conditions. As with all total-play systems, ‘tpB1’ will be installed by our in-house groundworks team to ECB Code of Practice standards.


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