Cricket Ground Electronic Scoreboards - CGS Electronic Scoreboards

Internal Repeater CGS Electronic Scoreboards

Operates from the main scoreboard control so a seperate control panel is not required

Our scaled down internal repeater is perfect for internal applications. Locate in communal areas like the bar or changing rooms. Provides an additional scoreboard readout for those who cannot view the main board. Information links seamlessly from the main controller to both the main board and repeater simultaneously. Can be wire linked or wireless. Encourage more people to stay at your games longer!

The repeater scoreboard prices include the power supply, connecting cables and the wireless option as well as the scoreboard display but not the control panel.

Any number of wireless repeater scoreboards can be associated with a main scoreboard control provided they are within the service area of the control panel transmitter (200 metres line of sight).


550mm x 525mm x 50mm

9 x 70mm Digits - Wireless - £650.00 +vat £POA £POA