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Climate Cover System

STILL the only proven breathable, waterproof flat sheet cover

The Climate Cover SystemTM offers long-term pitch protection without compromising plant health or surface quality. Setting new standards in flat sheet pitch protection, the Climate Cover System meets and exceeds all modern day standards. 100% waterproof; it is the strongest, lightest, only breathable flat sheet surface cover and is used at the ECB National Academy, Lords cricket ground, test match grounds, county grounds, schools and local league clubs.

Manufactured from a unique material, the Climate Cover SystemTM is designed to keep rain off with great efficiency.

The Climate Cover SystemTM has evolved through the combined experience and expertise of groundsmen, agronomists and material specialists. Made from a unique material, the Climate Cover systemTM provides an extremely lightweight and practical waterproof cover, enabling large areas to be covered easily and safely with minimum labour.

The cover fabric is extremely strong, translucent and breathable, which importantly allows light and air to pass through, protecting it from the rain whilst allowing vapour to escape ensuring the grass plant continues to grow underneath.

The Climate Cover SystemTM is the only ground cover to offer a 3 year warranty. Warranties are only valid if the covers are stored in a Climate Cover protection bag or protection sleeve. Please see Cover accessories for details of these products.

Every Climate Cover SystemTM is made to order and so available in any size; please contact us for further advice or costs for alternative sizes.

Climate Cover sizing and manufacturing tolerances: To minimise material wastage, we manufacture to full (5 foot) raw material widths. The Climate Cover is a strong yet lightweight high performing material, so retains an amount of stretch variance but also experiences a minor degree of width loss / shrinkage when manufactured and sealed. Small variances when reinforcing edges and even measuring & cutting make it is very difficult to work to exacting measurements. This means there is an overall 4% approx sizing tolerance on Climate Cover manufacture. Please notify the sales team before ordering, if this may present an issue.


80ft x 15ft - £POA £POA
80ft x 20ft - £POA
80ft x 25ft - £POA 80ft x 25ft - £POA
80ft x 30ft - £POA

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