Climate Cover Pitch Protection - Total Growth Cover Pitch Protection

TGC Cricket Germination / Frost Protection

Total Growth Cover (TGC) is designed for use on any natural turf sports surface, including winter games pitches, cricket pitches and tennis courts. TGC protects and encourages plant growth by allowing water and air movement, increasing ground temperature and acting as an insulation layer shielding sports turf surfaces from the elements.

Enhancing Seed Germination, the dual usage of the TGC becomes even more evident during the Spring and Summer growing season. The unique qualities of the TGC create a proven germination and propagation environment, increasing the percentage of seed germination and dramatically speeding up the grass plant establishment period.

TGC covers allow newly seeded areas to be watered whilst creating air circulation and retaining moisture.

The TGC fabric increases ground temperature, and strikes the right balance between maintaining air temperature, allowing the grass plant to breath, and protecting the covered area from pests and climatic conditions.

Covers for entire squares or bespoke areas are also available. Please contact us for further advice or costs for alternative sizes


£134 +vat - 25m x 3.65m stitched edge finish
£276 +vat - 25m x 3.65m hemmed & eyeleted edge finish £249 +vat - 25m x 3.65m hemmed & eyeleted edge finish £20.00 +vat