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Gone are the days when the local cricket ground comprised little more than a wooden pavilion and a closely-mown wicket on the village green. A truly global sport, cricket’s huge popularity means that from grass roots to first class level, clubs are serious about their facilities - and are willing to invest in top class cricket ground equipment to ensure player retention.

There are a range of initiatives available to help clubs procure their choice of cricket ground equipment: from the NatWest CricketForce scheme, that partners with suppliers to offer discounts on a huge range of products, to grants courtesy of organisations like the ECB and Sport England. With this support, even small league clubs can buy cricket ground equipment and install facilities like state-of-the-art synthetic cricket pitches for match and practice.

When it comes to the cricket ground equipment on the market, you’ll find everything from products designed to help groundsmen keep the cricket pitch in optimum condition through to training and coaching aids. Cricket pitch experts total-play Ltd sell a broad range of this cricket ground equipment – including many products designed in-house by its team of ex cricketers and groundsmen – via its online store The Cricket Ground Shop.

Ground care cricket ground equipment

Natural turf cricket pitches are among the most challenging sports surfaces to maintain. Whether your club plays at league or county level, the pitch will need to meet minimum performance quality standards as laid out by the ECB to be deemed fit for competitive play.

In order to meet these standards, groundsmen rely on the help of a host of cricket ground equipment designed specifically to aid in pitch preparation and maintenance. Cricket pitch covers are a prime example, and The Cricket Ground Shop sells a range of different styles of cover to meet different needs. These include the flagship Climate Cover SystemTM – the only truly breathable flat ground sheet on the market and in use by clubs from first class to league level. At the other end of the scale, the Rain Cover flat sheet offers a great value, durable cricket pitch cover that’s ideal for clubs on a budget.

For those looking for a useful tool to help groundsmen attain optimum levels of pitch dryness in the run up to matches while also helping protect wickets from rain during matches, the Rain Defender Mobile Covers are a great solution. Easy and quick to move they are available in a number of different styles to suit grounds from club to county.

Other ground care related cricket ground equipment available via The Cricket Ground Shop includes water removal systems, cricket ground boundary rope & winders, TGC frost protection and germination sheeting, and Climate Cover system accessories.

Coaching cricket ground equipment

Coaching is an important part of club life at any level – especially when it comes to bringing players on from youth to first teams. Whether your club has the funds to invest in a state-of-the-art synthetic cricket practice nets system or relies on utilising an area on the field for practice, a number of items of cricket ground equipment can help you make the most of your coaching time. Mobile Batting Cages are a great example – they can be moved around the ground and placed over different match wickets – natural or non-turf – to provide a temporary practice net facility.

For clubs fortunate enough to have an existing permanent cricket practice nets facility, there are components available via the online store to help keep it up to standard - including cricket netting to prevent the ball existing the facility and batting curtains to offer users extra protection from adjacent lanes and also help focus batsmen during practice sessions.

Match play cricket ground equipment

While preparation demands its own set of cricket ground equipment, the same can be said for competitive match play. Some of the most popular cricket ground equipment related to match play are Hi-Vision Sight Screens – which help to reduce background distraction and help the batsman see the ball as it leaves the bowler’s hand. When it comes to keeping score, while many clubs still use traditional manual cricket scoreboards, electronic scoreboards are becoming increasingly popular – not only can they be controlled remotely but they can be made to bespoke specifications to fit within historic scoreboards, or even be provided as mobile scoreboards allowing them to be moved around – especially useful when combined with rechargeable leisure batteries to provide the power!

Browse our extensive range of cricket ground equipment available via The Cricket Ground Shop.

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