Cricket Ground Equipment & Protection - Cricket Netting & Batting Curtains

Cricket Training Batting Curtains

Super-mesh woven PVC coated netting weighing 300gm2, this netting has been specifically chosen. It offers resistance to abrasion and repeated impacts. As it allows air to pass through, it is ideal for use in windy areas. Finished with hemmed, reinforced edges and eyelets every 300mm.

It is recommended that a 2m high batting curtains are used in between lanes so that the protected area is over head height. The curtains can also be made at 1.5m high to allow for coaches to see over the top.



Standard sizes 2m x 7.2m 2m x 3.4m or Manufactured bespoke to request

2m x 7.2m £92.50 +vat £20.00 +vat
2m x 3.4m £42.00 +vat