Cricket Ground Equipment & Protection - Rain Defender Mobile Cricket Covers

Apex Pro Mobile Pitch Covers

The Apex by design, is structurally extremely strong and the ideal cover for exposed or windy sites. Engineered to give many years service. It is built upon our strongest axles and incorporates double span main support sections for extra strength and low ground clearance, extra length 38mm bore hosing and heavy duty 630gsm PVC. Designed and manufactured to serve in the most demanding top class cricketing environments. Easy to manoeuvre, 4m wide and available in 7.3m length sections (21.9m total length) or 8m length sections (24m total length). Strong, durable and light enough for the groundsman to use single handed.




Each section measures 4m wide x 7.3m long (21.9m total length) or 8m length sections (24m total length)

7.3m Apex Pro- POA 7.3m Apex Pro- POA *£POA
8m Apex Pro- POA 8m Apex -POA *£POA

*N.I,Scotland, Wales and South West England POA


PLEASE NOTE: Continual development subjects specifications to potential future alteration