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Tuff Cover Single Slope Mobile Pitch Cover

The structurally very strong modern Tuff Cover Single Slope Mobile Pitch Cover.

Offers increased protection against accidental or purposeful damage whilst maintaining a dry, healthy pitch.


The strongest and most robust mobile pitch cover available
Designed to help withstand the demands of an open site and purposeful damage .i.e. knifes, kicks and jumping on
More modern ‘Single Slope’ design compared to the traditional ‘Apex’ design
Supplied in four sections each measuring 6m long giving total length of 24m
Manufactured by fully industry accredited ‘Coded’ welders giving additional quality assurances
A range of design options to suit specific requirements such as:

– Side or run up sheets
– Side sheet connection system
– Additional or replacement ‘Tricoflex’ hose

12 year steelwork warranty
3 year warranty for all workmanship & design faults
Cover tops made from steel profiled sheets
Steel tops and steel trim available in a range of colours to suit team branding
Framework is constructed using 50 mm galvanized steel box section to give maximum strength
2 fixed & 2 swivel high quality pneumatic wheels per unit – high quality and will not sink
Gutters are made from one piece of galvanised folded steel with water outlet at each end & are attached with a ‘Geka’ coupling.
Each unit comes with ‘Tricoflex’ multi-purpose hose and an assortment of couplings.

Bespoke design options:

Outlet connection system: for squares on a slope, each side gutter can be connected so that water can be discharged from one side only.
Side sheet connection system: enabling flat sheets to be connected to each side of the cover, to catch all water. This system feature is compatible with any Climate Cover flat sheet, i.e. Climate Cover SystemTM or Rain Cover.
Additional or replacement ‘Tricoflex’ multipurpose hose and couplings.
Replacement covers for old structures can be made and spare parts on request.
Bespoke covers can be made to your specific requirements.


4 sections at 6m long x 4m (or 3.1m) wide

Total 24m length coverage

4m Wide - POA POA
3.1m Wide - POA POA


Manufacture and Delivery time – 4 weeks

PLEASE NOTE: Continual development subjects specifications to potential future alteration