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BOLA Machine Stand on Wheels

the cricket ground shop are pleased to be able to offer a range of bowling machines and associated products. These are manufactured by BOLA, market leaders in the industry for over 25 years. The BOLA is capable of high class spin bowling and its push button control panel gives the operator instant control.

BOLA Stands accept any BOLA machine with no modification required. They enable machines to be easily wheeled around without dismantling and so maximise the time in use. They also address the Health and Safety issues which arise from operating a Bowling Machine. Stands provide operators with almost complete protection from the ball hit back by the batsman and drastically reduce set-up time and the potential of handling damage to the machine. The Full-Sized Stand (pictured right) also offers a stable standing platform for safe operation. The Compact Stand has a smaller storage ‘footprint’ and adjustable machine operation height.


£620.00 +vat FOC delivery if ordered with a BOLA Bowling machine, otherwise £40 delivery