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HD Cricket Netting

HD Walled Panel Netting comes with a 1 Year warranty. It is NOT expected that damage will appear through general use. Any damage that does occur through general use is covered, however there are some exceptions. For example, if there is no padding installed on adjacent steel up right poles the ball can pinch the netting directly onto the poles which can cause holes to appear in this area. For this reason it is recommended that foam pads are placed on the upright steelwork in the high impact areas. Also Damage may occur when caused by a third party i.e. rabbits, pests, mowers, intentional vandalism, and this can be repaired at a cost.

The netting is knotted with a mesh size of 50mm, weighs 215 grams per square meter and is finished with a 4mm polypropylene border cord. The netting is water-shrink and sunlight resistant and has a breaking strength of 130kg.

We recommend the use of knotted netting due to its strength compared to knotless netting and because it can be easily repaired. The netting can be manufactured to any size and made to fit particular cage systems



Manufactured bespoke to request