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The Protection Tunnel Cricket Ground Equipment

One seamless piece of netting, tension wires and fixed metal hooks have simply – but effectively – transformed traditional cricket netting structures. This new netting solution prevents cricket balls from escaping the practice lane via fatigued or poorly secured netting; offering improved player safety.

The launch of the Protection Tunnel marked the arrival of an effective netting system designed for the prevention of unnecessary cricket injuries – caused when high speed balls escape via holes in poorly secured netting systems.

The Protection Tunnel effectively protects the cricketer, cocooning each individual lane. The system is constructed of one seamless piece of netting fabric, suspended via tension wires incorporated into each section which can be fixed to metal hooks in the framework, giving 100% protection against flying balls.

The unique design ensures the tension wires take the strain of the netting, especially in high winds and snow. The strain is passed through the entire net and not loaded in one place, as with traditional ties and fixings, while the fixing positions of the hooks also load the framework at it’s strongest points. The result: a netting protection system that spreads the pressures of wind and impact through the entire system and not onto isolated points which are prone to failure

The tension wire suspension design also enables the netting system to be installed and dismantled in just a few minutes. Loosening of the tension wires enables the one-piece net to be removed simply from its hooks and, once dismantled, the netting can be stored easily to prevent damage over the winter months.

HD Protection Tunnels come with a 3 Year warranty. It is NOT expected that damage will appear through general use. Any damage that does occur through general use is covered, however there are some exceptions. For example, if the padding installed on adjacent steel up right poles has been removed and so the ball pinches directly onto the poles. Damage may occur when caused by a third party i.e. rabbits, pests, mowers, intentional vandalism, and this can be repaired at a cost