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Due to the growing popularity of cricket - and the inclement nature of the British weather - indoor cricket facilities are becoming increasingly common at clubs, first class grounds, school and universities.

By its very nature, cricket has traditionally been a seasonal, summer sport. However, as with any sport, to train elite sportsmen and women year-round coaching is essential. And, with many other cricketing countries enjoying the climate to play the sport year-round, the pressure is on UK cricket to ensure its players have the chance to hone their skills all year too - which is where indoor cricket practice net facilities come into their own.

Essentially taking traditional outdoor cricket practice nets under cover, indoor cricket facilities range from the relatively basic - using roll-out mats and retractable indoor netting within a multi-purpose sports hall - to state of the art, purpose-built facilities with permanent bases and indoor netting.

Depending on the available infrastructure (and budget) Total-Play can work with clients to build surfaces utilising components used within its non-turf pitch systems to create an ‘indoor cricket pitch’ that can be used alongside either retractable or permanent indoor netting solutions to produce high-performance indoor cricket facilities.

Bespoke specifications are also available, depending on budget, and indoor facilities can even be built with retractable sides to make players feel like they’re outdoors when the sun is shining! Alternatively, total-play can simply install the non-turf pitch component; working alongside existing contractors who will deliver other elements such as indoor netting and the building to house the system.

Indoor cricket – beyond practice

Combining high-performance facilities with protection from the elements, it’s perhaps little wonder that indoor cricket has become a sport in its own right. Not only is practice carried on throughout the autumn and winter months, but competitive indoor cricket matches provide a fast and exciting version of the game similar to the popular Twenty20 format.

Indoor cricket pitch specifications

When it comes to installing an indoor cricket pitch, you need to ensure you have sufficient space - whether you will be erecting a new, purpose-built structure to house the facility or will be using an existing building. The pitches themselves need to be 20 metres long and 1.8 metres wide, and when netting and space around the pitch is taken into account a typical lane would measure approx. 30 metres by 12 metres, with indoor netting around 4.5 metres high. This should give a rough guide of minimum required space to install either a retractable or permanent indoor cricket facility in an existing building.

Already popular in clubs playing at first class standard, schools, universities and league clubs are also beginning to reap the benefits of investing in indoor cricket facilities, with a host of specification options available to cater for a range of budgets. To find out whether your club, school or university has a building that could house an indoor cricket facility, or if you’re considering constructing a purpose-built indoor cricket facility, contact us to discuss the options.

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