Kimpton CC Profile Regeneration / Recycling 

Laid over 30 years ago and not always having received the best care and maintenance, by the end of the 2019 playing season Kimpton CC’s square was due a significant overhaul. Issues included pronounced saddling to the wicket areas and, as a result of the settling of the made-up ground which underpins the square, further undulations were evident across the entire area.

With a desire to improve the nature and consistency of the bounce from the square, the committee began to investigate the various options open to them. A local groundswork contractor was invited to quote and total-play Ltd was suggested as a comparator by a grounds coordinator at Hertfordshire County Cricket.

Following a site visit by total-play’s MD and former first-class groundsman, David Bates, to assess the situation, total-play put forward a proposal for Profile Regeneration/Recycling works on the square. Impressed by David’s knowledge and experience, professionalism – and the competitive quote – the club appointed the company to carry out the natural pitch works, and also install a new non-turf match pitch to the edge of the new table. Funds for the project were realised through a generous grant from the local parish council which covered a significant proportion of the cost, with further funds raised from the ECB and Sport England as well through the club membership via fundraising and donations.

Work commenced on site in autumn 2020, with a series of works undertaken designed to bridge the gap between surface works and pitch construction, with the goal of rectifying the significant saddling and unlevelness issues in the profile and allowing the square to be ready for action in the 2021 season.

total-play’s range of laser-guided equipment was stored on site throughout the project, with the surface first fraise mown to remove excess organic matter. The Profile Recycling element came next; seeing the existing soil profile cultivated before being re-constructed with laser-guided levelling equipment and the amelioration of imported loam. The area was then seeded and a fertiliser applied before the construction of an interface between square and outfield; grading a gentle slope for the bowler’s run-up using the excavated native sub soil. The area was then over sown with 100% Perennial Ryegrass and a non-turf match pitch installed to total-play’s tp365 ECB approved design.

Kimpton CC Chairman, Simon Thompson, said:

Works on our natural square were long overdue and had led to some pretty severe issues that were impacting performance. We were hugely impressed with David’s depth of knowledge and the detail of his proposal and ancillary documents – not to mention the competitiveness of the quote.

The entire process from initial site visit through to completion of groundworks has been extremely straightforward and efficient. I’d recommend total-play to other clubs looking to undertake these kind of works in a heartbeat – but, having said that, the proof of the pudding will be when we get to play on the refurbed surface next season and thereafter. We remain conscious of our need to be guided and the ongoing care and maintenance requirements and look forward to seeing the difference in performance when we get back out onto the square in Spring.

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