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Bespoke solutions with outstanding performance

We are finding that the design and installation of modern cricket facilities within a home environment is becoming increasingly common and, over the years, have built many varying types and sizes of domestic installations – from a simple batting end to fully enclosed facilities.

Home installations typically have tighter working restrictions when it comes to access and size of facility, therefore many domestic systems are bespoke and designed to fit their surroundings. However, the design and installation process remains the same as if working for a club or school client. We implement the same vigorous site investigation elements to build a robust system to suit each individual client; assisting with the planning process where required.

Performance is also a priority – every system we build will be based on one of our ECB Approved non-turf pitch system designs with different types of base construction and carpets to meet individual site demands and budgets.

Once the playing surface type and dimensions have been selected, the ball stop system can be chosen. Netting options include galvanised steel tube framework with a netting system attached; mobile netted cages; concertina cages and retractable netting hung from tension wires to offer maximum adaptability. Steelwork can be galvanised in a choice of colour, and netting is available in black or green options to help the system fit seamlessly within its surroundings. We can also help source extras such as floodlights or complete landscaping tasks; so the project will be managed entirely from start to finish.

Case Study – Darren Gough

Over the years, we have helped numerous private clients realise the dream of having the convenience of a synthetic sports facility in their own grounds. The first was back in 2007; when ex-England cricketer Darren Gough commissioned us to install a net facility at home for his sons practise – several years on and the facility is still going strong and in regular use!

Why Choose total-play’s Garden Cricket Nets?

Bespoke Designs

Typically, home installations have a tighter working restriction when it comes to access and the size of a facility. Due to this, domestic systems are usually bespoke and designed to fit your surroundings.  

Nevertheless, the design and installation process for these domestic setups follows the same rigorous approach used for club or school clients. 

We incorporate thorough site investigations to ensure a durable system tailored to each client’s needs. The flexibility in design ensures that the net system perfectly aligns with your individual needs, enhancing your practice sessions.

We also provide assistance with the planning process when necessary.


One of the primary benefits of garden cricket nets is their convenience. Instead of having to travel to a cricket ground or a dedicated practice facility, you can practise in the comfort of your own garden.

This allows you to save time and money while still enjoying the thrill of the game. Whether you have a small backyard or a larger outdoor space, these nets can be adjusted to fit the available area, providing flexibility for players of all ages and skill levels.

Enhanced Performance

At total-play, performance is a top priority for us and our cricket netting for a garden is no different. For us, every system we build is based on one of our ECB-approved non-turf pitch system designs. These are based on different types of base constructions and carpets to adhere to individual site demands and budgets. This flexibility and ease helps us optimise your performance.

Controlled Training Environment

Our back garden cricket nets create a controlled and enclosed space for cricket practice. The netting contains the balls within a confined area, reducing the risk of stray shots causing damage or injury.

Moreover, this controlled environment enables you to focus on staple aspects of the game, specifically batting and bowling, without worrying about the consequences of wayward shots.

Safety and Protection

Garden cricket nets offer a safe practice environment for players and the surrounding property. The enclosed netting acts as a barrier, preventing balls from flying off and potentially causing damage or injury. 

This aspect is especially important when practising powerful shots or attempting challenging bowling techniques. It provides peace of mind and allows players to focus on their skills without concerns about breaking something!

Impeccable Service by total-play

After deciding on the playing surface type and dimensions, the next step is to select the appropriate ball stop system. total-play offers several netting options available to suit different needs. These include a galvanised steel tube framework with an attached ‘HD Protection Tunnel’ netting system, mobile netted cages, concertina cages, and retractable netting suspended from tension wires, which provide maximum adaptability.

The steelwork can be galvanised in a choice of colours to suit individual preferences, while the netting itself comes in black or green options; allowing it to blend seamlessly with the surroundings. 

Additionally, we can assist in sourcing extras like floodlights or even managing complete landscaping tasks. This comprehensive approach ensures that the entire project is handled from start to finish, providing a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Contact total-play for High-Quality Garden Cricket Nets

Throughout our years in operation, we have assisted numerous private clients to turn their vision of owning a synthetic sports facility on their own property into a reality. 

Trusted by professionals, our garden cricket nets are a game-changer for cricket enthusiasts and aspiring players. Contact us today to get started on your journey and build world-class domestic installations with our experts here at total-play!