Pro-Netting System

Designed and built by total-play

The exclusive ‘Pro-Netting System’ is designed and built by total-play. 

The retractable netting system enables both natural and synthetic playing areas to have a user-friendly and safe netting system for cricket practise. 

The ‘Pro-Netting System’ was used during the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games at Moseley Cricket Club. The total-play team installed the entire facility, both the natural playing surface and the netting system. 

At every stage, the practical needs of the ground staff have been considered during the design process. The unique post design utilises a winched tension wire system. This simple but effective method enables the multiple lanes of netting to be deployed and retracted within a few minutes. Once installed, the system can be used safely by one person. 

The ‘Pro-Netting System’ can be installed within an existing practice area or as part of a brand-new facility.  

Designed and installed in-house

Benefits & Features:

  • The total-play Retractable Pro-Netting System provides a safe and practical netting system for cricketers and the grounds team.  
  • Utilising a fixed post-tension wire system creates an open space for the grounds team to prepare and renovate the pitches. 
  • Cricketers enjoy a safe and expansive experience, with the ability to have multiple lanes being used simultaneously. 
  • Pairs of fixed posts stand at 4.5m tall and are positioned at the outer edges of the site, ensuring they do not interfere with either wicketkeepers or bowlers. 
  • total-play Tunnel Netting provides a safe cocoon, preventing a well-struck ball from escaping. 
  • The netting bays glide smoothly into any position, maximising the number of pitches. 
  • The bespoke tension wire assembly means the nets can be installed or removed without ladders.