Climate Cover Systems

  • The lightest, strongest, and the ONLY breathable waterproof cover.
  • Setting the highest standards and being a proven performer.
  • The outright market leader for over two decades.
  • The Climate Cover SystemTM is the only ground cover to offer a THREE-year warranty.
  • It is proven to provide long-term pitch protection and surface performance without compromising grass plant health.
  • The Climate Cover System™ is used at Oval, Lords and the ECB & LTA National Centres.
  • Plus many other international grounds, county grounds, local league clubs and schools across the country.
  • Not satisfied with existing products and born through real-life practical experience.
  • All our covers are designed to help the ground staff team produce the highest quality surface.
  • The Climate Cover SystemTM has evolved through the combined experience of David Bates, total-play M.D and material specialists.
  • An extremely lightweight and strong waterproof cover, enabling large areas to be covered easily and safely with minimum labour.
  • All covers are built to the highest standards by a one-proven manufacturing partner.
  • A translucent and breathable material, which notably allows light and air to pass through, protecting it from the rain whilst allowing vapour to escape ensuring the grass plant continues to grow underneath.

3 Year Warranty

The Climate Cover SystemTM is the only ground cover to offer a THREE-year warranty. Warranties are valid when used in conjunction with a Climate Cover protection bag or protection sleeve.

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Features & Benefits


  • At 145 grams per square – A four-pitch cover can be handled safely by ONE person.
  • Lower operational costs – Less staff required to deploy or remove.
  • Safer – Reduces Health & Safety risks for manual handling.
  • Practicality – Reduced weight makes it easier to move.
  • Reduced Loading – Manageable in windy conditions.
  • Easy to Store – Easy to pack away and store.


  • Allows UV light to pass through and reach the grass plant – Preventing etiolation.
  • Promotes grass plant health.
  • Enables covers to stay on for a long period – Can cover multiple days in bad weather.


  • Over 30% of moisture vapour under the cover diffuses, creating air circulation.
  • Air circulation – reduces ‘sweating’ and encourages surface drying.
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of disease.
  • Enables covers to stay on for long period – Can cover multiple days in bad weather.


  • Guaranteed handles, eyelets & seams – Will NOT fail during normal use.
  • Dramatically Reduces risk of ripping/tearing – Covers will NOT fail during normal use.


  • The climate covers come with various accessories enabling your system’s deployment, storage and design.
  • Steel Pegs – Securing the cover.
  • Protection Bags – To store and protect covers up to pitches in size.
  • Protection Sleeves – To store and protect larger covers.
  • PVC Booms – Creates a barrier to redirect water flow.
  • Outlet Points – Creates an area to collect water and discharge water off the cover safely.


Made from an extremely lightweight yet strong specialist fabric, the Climate Cover SystemTM is safe and easy to use; one person can cover up to four pitches without assistance confidently. Handling equipment and accessories have been developed for practical, labour-saving use of larger covers – please see our accessories range for more information.

Bespoke Sizes

Every Climate Cover SystemTM is made to order and can be made to any size; please get in touch with us for further advice or costs for alternative sizes.

Payment Plans

We offer a range of interest-free payment plans to suit your budget and revenue streams. Following an initial deposit, the remaining balance can be paid over a one or two-year period.

Repair Service

Repair kits are available, as well as a full factory repair service – it is recommended that more extensive repairs are returned for a complete professional evaluation and repair, whilst more minor repairs can often be achieved on-site by the client. Loan covers are also available and can ensure your surface receives the same level of protection when your covers are off-site.

Galvanised Steel Pegs

  • Your Climate Cover System comes with highly durable galvanised steel pegs.
  • Part of the Climate Cover range of accessories.
  • Extremely strong 9mm diameter by 250mm steel pegs.