System Refurbishment

Lifecycle Maintenance of Non-Turf Cricket Facilities

Refurbishment of Existing Non-turf Cricket Facilities – Lifecycle Maintenance

Existing facilities and surfaces will, over time, require renovation. For example, worn playing surfaces can create trip hazards and cause uneven ball bounce. At total-play, we describe the refurbishment of an existing system as ‘Lifecycle Maintenance’. Over time, the worn items of a facility will need to be replaced. 

Sound quality systems, i.e. those with the correct base construction that are built using quality components, will require far less cost in maintenance operations and replacement parts. Facilities deemed to be outside of Performance Quality Standards (PQS) could result in litigation following an accident. Non-turf surfaces, that have been damaged by flood or other accidents, require careful refurbishment to ensure they are bought back to the necessary PQS.

To establish if your facility falls short of industry standards, whatever the cause of the damage, our employees will carry out a test in accordance with ECB standards and guidelines. Testing produces immediate results and can be carried out in the presence of a ground representative and, once the standard of existing facilities is determined, a practical solution can be identified. 

The total-play team is able to repair or replace:

  • Playing Surfaces
  • Netting Systems
  • Flood or Vandalism Damage

Existing Non-Turf Match Pitches & Facilities – Refurbishment/Renovation

total-play can also help breathe new life back into existing non-turf match pitches requiring renovation. Our experienced in-house team regularly carries refurbishment of worn and tired systems; 

  • Renovation to existing base constructions 
  • Installing up-to-date, modern shock pads and playing surface carpets
  • Replacing existing netting with bespoke protection systems 
  • Installing new metal frameworks 
  • Lifecycle works brings a tired and an out-of-date system back to life!

For detailed build specifications and samples please contact the total-play team.