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total-play takes the lead in the design, installation and maintenance of non-turf cricket pitches, to include Match Pitches, Practise Facilities and Cricket MUGA’s. We have all bases covered with six ECB-approved systems all with a range of unique features. 

total-play was the first company to be awarded the status of ‘England & Wales Non-Turf Pitch Code of Practice Installer’. 

Our reputation and client list speak for themselves. 

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Grass cricket pitches take years of expertise and countless hours of dedication to maintain. Traditionally, cricket grounds had multiple wickets that would rotate throughout the season. However, this had to be balanced with player training and game frequency, which put more strain on natural pitches.

At total-play, we help solve this problem with our synthetic cricket pitches.

For almost two decades, total-play has been at the forefront of artificial cricket pitch installation and design. We have drawn on our extensive knowledge as cricketers and groundsmen to design artificial cricket surfaces that closely replicate the performance of a well-prepared natural turf surface.

Our artificial pitch for cricket, complete with artificial cricket wickets and artificial grass, features a rigorously-tested, ECB-approved non-turf surface made up of a dynamic base construction, shock pads and specially designed playing carpet. Our non-turf cricket pitches are designed to elevate both match play and cricket practice.

We take pride in leading the field in designing, installing and maintaining synthetic cricket pitches. Our synthetic cricket pitch installation includes that of artificial match pitches, astro turf wickets, cricket practice facilities and bespoke cricket MUGAs (multi-use game areas) and has led to the development of no less than six ECB-approved non turf pitch systems which cover all bases whilst providing a range of unique features.

At total-play, we proudly stand as the first recipient of the esteemed title ‘England & Wales Non-Turf Pitch Code of Practice Installer,’ enabling us to lead the production and installation of synthetic grass cricket pitches.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our exceptional designs and our satisfied clientele. Get in touch today!

An England & Wales Cricket Board Non-Turf Pitch Approved System Supplier

We bring a comprehensive range of non-turf and natural cricket pitch construction options. All pitches are installed by the total-play installation team; the first company to be awarded the ECB Code of Practice accreditation. We understand that every solution is unique to the client and site requirements. Our experienced team is on hand to guide you through the available options.

Why Choose total-play’s Artificial Cricket Pitches?

Unmatched Quality

total-play takes the lead in designing, installing and maintaining synthetic turf cricket pitches, including Match Pitches, Practice Facilities and Cricket MUGAs. With no less than six ECB-approved systems to meet different club’s site needs and budgets, we offer unrivalled choice. 

We believe in offering only the best to our clients. Whether you need high-quality astro turf cricket wickets, synthetic grass cricket pitches or artificial practice net facilities, we’ve got you covered. Our reputation and client list speak for themselves.  With almost two decades of experience in designing and installing non-turf cricket solutions for clubs from grassroots to first class, we are true cricket pitch experts.

From non-turf installations to natural cricket pitch construction, maintenance and renovation all works are carried out by our experienced in-house team. We understand that every solution is unique to the client and site requirements, which is why our experienced team is on hand to guide you at every stage.

Our Unique TurnKey Approach

When it comes to sports pitch construction, our unique turn-key approach sets us apart from the competition. From site inspection and conceptualisation to the design and construction of our synthetic turf cricket pitches, we support our clients at all stages. Our support doesn’t end on completion of the project. Our team will also provide you with guidance and ongoing support when it comes to repairs and maintenance through our ‘Lifecycle Maintenance’ plan.

Just like no two synthetic turf cricket pitches are the same, we understand that no two clubs’ needs are the same, which is why we work with our clients to meet their bespoke requirements. Once we understand your needs, we conduct regular site assessments and collectively work with you to develop an artificial cricket pitch facility that aligns with your expectations. Whether it is building a market-leading cricket practice facility, an artificial cricket pitch or a bespoke multi–games area (MUGA), we provide it all!

Contact us to get started on your journey to building impeccable cricket pitch solutions with total-play’s cutting-edge services.

World-Class Facilities

From the initial site visit and survey to designing a customised facility equipped with components that cater to your individual needs, you can rest assured that you’ll receive first-class quality service from our team. 

We strictly follow PQIs that are set out by the relevant governing body for all our groundwork and astro turf cricket pitch installation activities on-site. This further ensures that you receive credible and superior work from our end. 

At total-play, we aim to exceed expectations with our synthetic grass cricket pitches; which is why you can trust us to deliver high-quality results for your cricketing needs. Our artificial cricket pitch facilities have been developed to maximise quality and performance, with our artificial cricket pitch surfaces offering cricketers a balanced, fair game between bat and ball. 

When we design an artificial pitch for cricket, we aim to improve the playing experience, offering the correct pace and bounce to promote every aspect of the modern game. 

Alongside reliable performance, the best part of having an artificial turf is the ease of maintenance, as they require no rolling and watering, making them an ideal choice for busy clubs looking to ‘grow the game’.

Proud Recipients Of ECB Accreditations

We are proud to be the first supplier to be awarded the England & Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) status of Code of Practice Installer for non-turf pitches, including artificial cricket pitch installation. This further strengthens our confidence in the work we provide to our esteemed clients. 

As one of the UK’s leading cricket suppliers, we make sure that you receive only the best in astro turf cricket pitches. We are committed to offering artificial cricket pitch systems that meet the ECB’s performance standards, especially when it comes to match play and practice.

Experienced Team

Over the years, our team has drawn in its extensive experience as both cricketers and groundsmen to develop the class-leading ‘tp’ range of cricket pitch systems. Our installation team is well-equipped to install a comprehensive range of artificial cricket wickets, non-turf and natural cricket pitches and practice systems.

We maintain clear and transparent communication with you throughout the process, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns. At total-play, we exceed expectations, which is why you can trust us to deliver high-quality results. 

Moreover, we understand that every solution is unique to the client and site requirements, and a qualified and experienced team is by your side to guide you through all the options for your project.

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