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ECB Approved Design Non-Turf Pitch (NTP)

Typically seen on the edge of a natural cricket table, artificial non-turf Match Pitches provide a playing surface in even the worst climatic conditions, whilst also helping relieve the burden on the natural strips. A good quality artificial surface dramatically increases usage for both matches and practise sessions.

Our range of ECB Approved non-turf pitch designs have been developed to provide a balanced game between bat and ball whilst encouraging the spinner. The result: a safe and consistent artificial surface for cricket matches and practice sessions – all year round.

And the benefits don’t end there – ultra-low maintenance, with no rolling or watering, non-turf pitches are an invaluable resource for all cricket grounds, schools, cricketers and groundsmen. They can be positioned to suit individual requirements and are installed to create a safe, undisturbed playing area built to club & recreational dimensions of 30 m x 2.74m.

When developing the non-turf match pitch, we have considered every aspect of the game. Our choice of six ECB approved pitch systems include the flagship tp365 ECB Approved Design System, and offer solutions for a range of site conditions and budgets.

ECB Approved Supplier

We bring a comprehensive range of non-turf and natural cricket pitch construction options. All pitches are installed by the total-play Ltd installation team; the first company to be awarded the ECB Code of Practice accreditation. We understand that every solution is unique to the site and requirement. Our experienced team is on hand to guide you through the available options.

Key features and options within the total-play NTP range:

  • Dynamic Porous Aggregate & Porous Engineered (tarmac) base constructions
  • Woven & Tufted carpets
  • TP Exclusive Stump Boxes & Rubber Bases stumps
  • Traditional ‘Green’ coloured carpets
  • Natural Pitch Colour ‘NPC’ (Beige) Coloured carpets
  • Market-leading Warranties-
  • Base construction up to Twenty-Four years
  • Carpets up to Twelve years

See our Artificial Cricket Pitch Design guide for more information about building practice facilities.

Existing Non-Turf Match Pitches – Refurbishment/Renovation

total-play can also help breathe life back into existing non-turf match pitches in need of renovation.

Our experienced in-house team regularly carries refurbishment of worn systems; removing old carpets, re-levelling and compacting the existing sub-base then installing up-date modern shock pads and playing surface carpets, to achieve a huge improvement in performance for a fraction of the cost of installing a brand-new match pitch.

For more detailed build specifications and samples please contact the total-play team.