CGS Electronic Cricket Scoreboards

Cricket scoreboards, much like the clubhouse, are at the very heart of any club, from basic wooden cricket scoreboards to sleek, modern electronic versions. One factor is sure, all eyes will be drawn to it.

Traditional cricket scoreboards are somewhat labour-intensive, requiring manual adjustment of the scores, often by mechanical or flip-over numbers.

For this reason, increasing numbers of clubs at all levels are investing in modern electronic cricket scoreboards. Up-to-date boards allow the scorer to update the scores automatically via a console.

The rattle of scoreboard tins from an isolated corner of the ground is an increasingly rare sound these days. Electronics and LED technology have come a long way and are now at a price point where fully digital systems are within reach of most clubs.

CGS understand that many basic or off-the-shelf scoreboards do not offer the required features so have teamed up with a leading UK component manufacturer who have been specialising in designing quality scoreboards since 2009.

We are always looking to push the boundaries of exceptional quality and value and our  scoreboards are based on a British made, modern and reliable, all-electronic system. They are modular by design, lending themselves to the possibility of future expansion and easier component replacement.

ECB Play Cricket Scorer Pro Software

ECB Play Cricket Scorer Pro Interface £290.00 plus VAT. Bridge the gap between PCS/PCSPro and your scoreboard.

We can provide the scoreboard you want!

Whilst we have a range of ‘standard’ designs available, we feel our service is best delivered when creating a bespoke solution. We can determine what the client needs through consultations and provide cost-engineered alternatives.

  • Modern, reliable all electronic systems with wireless remote control
  • Highly efficient LED technology with 120-degree visibility.
  • A range of sizes 15″, 12″, 10″, 8″ and 6″ digits
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use controller. Automatically increments the total when the batsman’s score is added. In turn, dramatically reduces scoring errors.
  • Controllers are safely mounted into a sturdy custom-made alloy flight case.
  • Easy to install by the club or a qualified technician.
  • Systems can be run off a 12v battery or 240v mains power.
  • Repeater scoreboards can easily be added to the system.
  • Backed by a TWELVE-month base warranty
  • A dedicated telephone support service
  • Service contracts available on request
  • The systems are fully modular – only buy the digits you need – repairs/replacements/upgrades & future longevity are all available
  • Super tough thick polycarbonate screens protect the digits.
  • Built to withstand the majority of all cricket ball strike
  • Non-reflective coated screens
  • No ‘hidden’ extras – All equipment is provided within quoted costs
  • Boards fitted with an Umpires indicator light (if required)
  • Hand built in the UK
  • UK-sourced components

Duckworth Lewis

Many leagues are now asking their member clubs to have Duckworth Lewis displayed on their scoreboards so that rain affected matches can be completed with a result which is fair to both sides and the other clubs within their league. This can be incorporated into a bespoke design or an 8 x 4 framed scoreboard.



Electronic Scoreboard is a great entry level club scoreboard. In a ‘Portrait’ layout with 9 x 8″ digits. Incorporates Total, Overs and Last Innings (8″ digits). Wickets 8+1″ digit. Size – 915 x 1220 x 100mm approx


Electronic Scoreboard is in a ‘Portrait’ layout but with nine larger 9 x 10″ digits on an overall larger board. Incorporates Total, Overs and Last Innings (10″ digits). Wickets 10+1″ digit. Size -1220 x 1525 x 100mm approx


Electronic Scoreboard is our popular landscape layout with fifteen 10″ digits. Incorporates Total, 2 x Batter Scores, Overs and Last Innings (10″ digits). Wickets 10+1″ digit. Size – 2450 x 1230 x 100mm approx


Electronic Scoreboard is our popular landscape layout with fifteen larger 12″ digits. Incorporates Total, 2 x Batter Scores, Overs and Last Innings (12″ digits) Wickets 12+1″ digit. Size – 2450 x 1230 x 100mm


Electronic Scoreboard is our popular Duckworth Lewis landscape layout including 3 x 10″ digits showing the Duckworth Lewis Score. The board incorporates Total, 2 x Batsman Scores, Overs, Last Inns and D.L.S. (17×10″ digits), Wickets (1×10+1″ digit) and Batsman numbers (2 x 8+1″ digits). Size – 2450 x 1230 x 100mm approx.

External Repeater Boards

Our scaled down repeater board incorporates 6″ or 8″ digits and is ideal for external applications for increased viewer visibility, encouraging more spectators to stay at the game. Ideally located where the main board vision may be impaired, e.g. the bar, clubhouse. External repeaters can be made in any shape or size to suit your requirements and location.


  • Encourage more spectators to stay at your game longer
  • Can be made in any shape or size to suit: 6″ or 8″ digits
  • Please call to discuss individual bespoke requirements

Internal Repeater Boards

Our scaled down internal repeater is perfect for internal applications. Locate in communal areas like the bar or changing rooms. Provides an additional scoreboard readout for those who cannot view the main board. Information links seamlessly from the main controller to both the main board and repeater simultaneously. Encourage more people to stay at your games longer!


  • Ideal for use inside the cricket club so members can see the real time score whilst visiting the bar.
  • Wireless, up to 200 metres line of sight
  • Easy to install
  • Internal wireless receiver and aerial
  • Low power – 20 watts to operate from a 12v battery or via a small plug top power supply
  • Digit size: 70mm (2 ¾”) Size = 525mm x 525mm x 50mm

Scoreboard Trolleys

High quality fabricated steel portable wheeled trolley that sit on 2 fixed and 2 swivel / braked high quality castors. The castors are 200mm (8″)  and so capable of travelling over most rough ground. The trolleys are fabricated for the 9 x 8″, 9 x 10″ and 8ft x 4ft range of scoreboards and they are manufactured with a tray to hold a leisure battery.

Please note: Images for illustration only


  • A trolley could help keep your system secure when not in use
  • Swivel castors enable greater manoeuvrability
  • Braked wheel option for safety