Inflation Tubes

  • For large ground covers, the inflation tube can be used as a rolling device dramatically increase the ease of deployment and retraction. 
  • The tube enables large covers to be used with only two members of the ground staff team.
  • An inflation tube is most effective when the diameter is 3ft (1m). This size of the tube means it can be rolled with minimum effort. 
  • In addition, all CGS tubes come with an air-tight valve which enables the tube to maintain high pressure and, in doing so, create a firm and rigid structure. 
  • A handheld blower can inflate or deflate the tube quickly in minutes.
  • The tube can be easily deflated and folded up for easy storage.
  • When buying a Climate Cover System, we recommend that a tube is also sold with a ‘Protection Sleeve’.
  • The protection sleeve is essential to protect the cover when in and out of use and also storage.