Cricket Net Installation

Cricket Practice Nets

Why Choose total-play’s Quality Cricket Nets?

  • Perfect for both natural and synthetic playing areas
  • Easy to deploy and stow away
  • Reduces the chance of injury
  • Utilises a winched tension wire system
  • Designed to maximise performance
  • Options for customisation

Are you tired of using cricket nets that fail to meet your training needs? At total-play, we present the ultimate solution for all your cricket net needs. Get ready to unleash your true potential and take your cricket training to the next level.

Cricket netting is an essential aspect of modern cricket practice. When it comes to cricket, choosing the right cricket netting is paramount. Different cricket nets serve different purposes, catering to different playing conditions and requirements. 

For instance, outdoor practice nets are an excellent choice for practice or game prep. Similarly, indoor cricket nets, though not our speciality, offer a great solution to train or carry out practice sessions, regardless of the weather conditions. 

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In the past, cricket nets have been constructed from materials that were not strong enough, requiring frequent repairs plus takedowns and storage during winter months. However, over time, cricket nets have evolved, with advancements in materials and designs transforming the way players develop their skills. 

At total-play, we have been at the forefront of this evolution, offering state-of-the-art cricket netting solutions. With our cricket nets, you are provided with an unmatched training experience. We understand why it’s important for players to have cricket nets that are functional, safe and effective. Our cricket practice nets are developed just for that.

Designed with utmost precision, our cricket netting offers unmatched durability and longevity. Whether you are a professional player, a cricket coach or a cricket club, with our cricket nets, you can hold rigorous training sessions and play as intensely as you wish. Choosing total-play means choosing exceptional quality – with our cricket netting solutions, you are choosing the best for your players.

Experience the total-play advantage and unleash your true potential with our high-quality cricket nets. Join countless professionals, teams, schools and cricket clubs who trust us to deliver the best solutions for their cricket netting needs. 

Here’s what we specialise in!

Case Study – Darren Gough

Over the years, we have helped numerous clients realise the dream of having the convenience of a synthetic sports facility in their own grounds. The first was back in 2007; when ex-England cricketer Darren Gough commissioned us to install a net facility at home for his sons practise – several years on and the facility is still going strong and in regular use!

Why Choose total-play’s Garden Cricket Nets?

HD Protection Tunnel Netting System


With our impeccable HD Protection Tunnel Netting, you can take player safety to the next level. This cutting-edge cricket netting solution has set new standards for the cricketing industry. Our HD Protection Tunnel Netting boasts a high-end HD spec netting that ensures exceptional strength and maximum durability. 

With its unique design, it is securely held by 5mm hi-tensile steel wires through sewn-in 90mm PVC sleeves, acting as protection against stress, pinch and wear points. As an added safety measure, each batting lane will be effectively enclosed in a “tunnel” of netting, which means you will have two walls of netting between lanes. Its durability and secure fit also means its less likely to suffer wind damage, so many clients opt to leave their netting in place over the winter months rather than removing and storing as with traditional netting solutions – meaning one less job at the end of a busy season, and one less job before you start the next!

Our HD Protection Tunnel Netting System comes as a standard inclusion in our ECB-approved tp365 non-turf surface facilities. However, it can also be retrofitted on most surfaces, providing cricket clubs with a versatile upgrade option. With a three-year limited warranty, and many client installations lasting over a decade, our netting solutions are a true testament to our commitment to quality. Choose exceptional performance and protection with total-play!

Pro Netting System

If you need to use a space for something else between cricket practice sessions, our adaptable and retractable cricket netting – the ‘Pro Netting System’ is designed to meet the diverse needs of your practice facilities. Our Pro Netting System is the ideal solution for natural turf cricket practice  or artificial Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA). Regardless of your training requirements, you can easily adjust the netting configuration for quick setup and takedown, ensuring that you have an uninterrupted game.

In addition to that, the Pro Netting System is also custom made to fit limited spaces. This netting can optimise the space available, making it the perfect choice for crowded practice facilities. At total-play, we believe that quality and durability are more important than anything else, which is why our cricket nets are made to withstand the rigours of constant use and changing weather. 

Ball Strike Protection Netting System

Our Ball Stop Netting System is a great safety solution designed for cricketing facilities. An essential component of any cricket ground, the Ball Strike Protection Netting keeps spectators, neighbouring properties and roads safe from ball strike. This netting system withstands powerful shots and keeps the cricket balls within the designated playing area, minimising accidents and property damage. 

At total-play, we use high-quality, durable materials that guarantee long-lasting performance. Our Ball Stop Netting acts as a robust and effective barrier that gives players the freedom to play confidently. Choose total-play to ensure a secure playing experience!

Cricket Netting Maintenance and Repair

At total-play, we go above and beyond to offer comprehensive support for all your cricket netting needs. Whether it’s installation or maintenance, we prioritise the longevity and safety of your cricket facilities.

For most applications, we prefer a “knotted” netting which enables invisible repairs. Whether you require repairs for worn-out facilities or need to give your nets a facelift, our bespoke sizing options are perfect for traditional netting panels.

We also recommend vermin skirts made of PVC or high-density mesh to act as deterrents against chewing vermin, like rabbits. Besides that, batting curtains are also worth considering as they provide an additional barrier and create a sheltered, distraction-free playing zone.

For any further netting repairs, our team provides pricing for a manufacturer call-out to perform on-site repairs. We can also arrange for factory repairs if necessary. 

Choose total-play for your cricket netting needs and take your cricket facilities to the next level!