Practice facility refurbishment at Henley CC | total-play

Refurbishment and upgrade of club’s existing, 15 year old, non-turf practice nets facility

TP Solution:
With the existing practice facility having been flooded in the past due to its proximity to the River Thames, both the playing surface and the aggregate sub-base had become contaminated resulting in failed surface levels in a number of areas. In addition, the existing facility’s playing carpets weren’t full width; causing unnecessary maintenance and potential tripping hazards. These combined issues meant that the solution, in this case, went beyond simply replacing carpet and netting systems.

Once the existing carpets had been lifted, the aggregate sub-base was agitated, new steel uprights installed to replace those previously damaged by a car collision and new, imported primary quarried aggregate laid to enhance surface levels. New shock pads were then fitted throughout both batting & bowling ends and full width carpets were laid throughout the facility to provide a seamless, lower-maintenance playing surface. Finally, the facility was fitted with total-play’s innovative HD Protection Tunnel netting – which prevents balls crossing between lanes through a unique ‘cocoon’ netting system – in a bespoke green to minimise visual impact.

“Not only did total-play provide the most competitive quote, but we were impressed with James’ advice and understanding of our needs. The solution they put forward was great, communication throughout the project excellent and the work carried out quickly. The response to the refurbishment has been very positive from all playing members, and the facility is no longer the eye sore it once was. I’d happily recommend total-play to any club looking to refurbish practice net facilities.”
Club Grounds Chairman, Dylan James

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