Why Choose total-play’s ECB Approved Cricket Pitch System™?

Over the years, cricket, often referred to as a gentleman’s game, has witnessed significant changes. With the growing popularity of the sport across the globe, cricket enthusiasts are keen to explore cutting-edge facilities that can enhance their playing experience. 

With the widespread popularity of Non-turf pitches (NTP) across the UK, finding the right cricket pitch can still be difficult. However, with the advancements in technology, pioneering companies such as total-play have revolutionised this space. 

Typically speaking, cricket is a sport with a rich history and many traditions. It demands a playing surface that can uphold its integrity whilst offering a contest between the bowler and batter. Fortunately, total-play understands these necessities and has emerged as a leader in offering ECB-approved cricket pitch systems

At total-play, we take pride in providing meticulously constructed and engineered pitches that have transformed the way cricket is played. Not only do our artificial cricket pitch systems offer players top-tier facilities, but also ensure that they experience a true and challenging cricketing journey. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of ECB-approved cricket pitch systems and how they affect the players! 

1. State Of The Art Pitch Construction

Are you still wondering what a non-turf pitch actually is? Let’s start there! Usually, artificial non-turf match pitches are seen at the edge of or within a natural cricket table. They offer a playing surface that can survive the worst weather conditions, whilst successfully relieving the burden on natural strips. Artificial cricket surfaces can also be found as a component of state-of-the-art cricket practice nets facilities as an alternative to traditional grass nets.

The benefit? A good-quality surface can significantly increase the usage of cricket pitches for both matches as well as practice sessions. Moreover, our playing surfaces replicate the characteristics of a natural grass pitch, whilst offering increased durability and consistency. 

In addition to this, total-play’s cricket pitch installation process includes careful preparation of the sub-base and installation of shock pads and high-quality non-turf. These properties ensure optimal playing conditions for both the batters and bowlers. 

At total-play, our non-turf cricket pitch systems stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our ECB-certified pitches are carefully constructed using the latest technology. Combined with the expertise of cricket pitch specialists and cutting-edge materials, our installation team takes pride in being the first company to be awarded the ECB Code of Practice. 

2. Customisation for Varied Requirements 

Usually, cricket is played in different formats and at various levels, hence increasing the need for customisation to meet specific requirements. Be it a traditional red-ball test match or a limited-overs encounter, tailored match pitches are very much needed. 

It is crucial to accommodate different cricketing formats of a cricket pitch to ensure a fair contest between all players. This is where total-play’s cricket non-turf pitch systems stand out as a clear winner. Its ultra-low maintenance non-turf pitches are an invaluable resource for schools, cricket grounds and groundsmen. 

With no rolling or watering, they’re the cricket pitch solution of choice for many cricket enthusiasts. Catering to different requirements, they are installed to create a safe and undisturbed playing environment. It’s no wonder total-play’s match pitches are a preferred choice for clubs and professional cricket venues alike. 

If you need excellent non-turf match pitches that are customised to your requirements, then contact us today! Our six ECB-approved pitch systems offer a range of impeccable solutions that cater to different site conditions and budgets. 

3. Emphasis On Performance and Consistency 

For every sport, performance and consistency is paramount in creating a level playing field across all teams. Cricket is no different to this. However, finding cricket pitch systems that are designed keeping these factors in mind can be a tough nut to crack. 

With advanced construction techniques and quality materials, total-play’s artificial cricket pitch systems are of the highest quality. With the option of dynamic, unbound aggregate or engineered asphalt base construction to suit different site requirements they ensure consistent ball bounce and pace throughout the match. 

Not only does this allow the batters to play their shots with confidence, but also lets bowlers execute their skills more effectively. Moreover, the high-quality woven or tufted carpets give fielders a better grip, hence anticipating the ball’s behaviour more accurately. These features enhance the reliability of total-play’s non-turf pitches, thereby contributing positively to fair competition and exciting cricketing encounters. 

Redefine Your Cricket Experience With total-play’s Cricket Pitch Systems

Cricket as a sport has evolved over the years, mainly as a result of changes in technology and viewing expectations. Keeping up with these demands and changes can be difficult to stay on top of. This is where we step in to revolutionise the cricket landscape with our state-of-the-art facilities. 

Our cricket pitch systems are created with the simple aim of offering stellar performance, high quality and utmost safety. Not only are these vital for a well-built artificial cricket pitch but also enhance the overall cricketing experience. 

We are committed to offering best-in-class solutions to our clients and that makes us the preferred choice for clubs and venues worldwide. 

Contact us to set the stage for unforgettable cricketing moments, where talent and skill shine through on a cricket pitch that does justice to the sport. 

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