Flooding Action Plan for Cricket Clubs

3rd February 2016

Whether your cricket club is suffering from a flooded natural cricket table, flooded non-turf practice nets or flooded non-turf match pitch, we’ve put together a flooding action plan for cricket clubs to help you navigate the problem effectively and, above all, safely:

–       Stay clear of the site until water has subsided and it is safe to enter

–       Assess the damage and thoroughly list all equipment and facilities that have been affected

–       Engage the services of a professional grounds operative to thoroughly assess the damage to playing surfaces – both natural and non-turf – and advise on any remedial works

–       Contact club’s insurance company

–       Put together a clean-up ‘task force’ and assign jobs like pumping out water. Clearing large debris from the ground is something that the whole club can pull together to achieve to help prepare for when the specialists start work

–       If you haven’t already got one in place, ensure you compile a flood plan in case of future inundations – a good template can be found on the ECB website – www.ecb.co.uk

For further advice on what to do in the case of flooded natural cricket pitches, flooded non-turf cricket practice nets and flooded non-turf cricket match pitches, or to arrange for a member of our expert team to visit your site to assess cricket club flood damage call 01604 864575 or visit www.total-play.co.uk

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