Top 6 Benefits of Having a Garden Cricket Net

1. Convenience

Ease and convenience are the main advantages of garden cricket nets. As a player looking to practise in the lead-up to a match, you don’t need to travel to a cricket ground or a practice facility when you have cricket batting nets installed at home.

Though practising in your back garden cricket net means space restriction, the thrill and charm of the game are certainly not lost. This installation helps you continue to practise cricket daily in the comfort of your own home, helping to save travel time and money. 

total-play offers a variety of cricket nets for home use that are flexible and adjustable to fit your home’s outdoor garden space. This ensures players of all ages and skill levels can play and practice comfortably. 

2. Weather Flexibility

Playing cricket in the UK can often be unpredictable during matches or training sessions. The last thing you want is to pad up and get ready for an outdoor practice session, only to head out the door and find it pouring down with rain.

Having cricket batting nets in your garden allows you to be more picky with your training. Whether you’re an aspiring bowler, batter or all-rounder, leverage the benefits of these back garden cricket nets and become the best player you can be.

3. Enhanced Safety and Protection

Back garden cricket nets with safety netting offer a safe, enclosed and controlled space for your cricket training practice. The safety netting ensures the balls are contained inside the net and don’t go too far, reducing the risk of stray shots causing injuries or damages. 

Using cricket nets for home use prevents the consequences of wayward shots affecting you and your property. Thanks to total-play’s pro netting system, you don’t need to worry about breaking a window or injuring your mates! Our nets are designed so you can safely practise powerful shots and try challenging bowling techniques. Acting as a barrier, the enclosed netting prevents balls from flying waywardly and causing damage.

back garden cricket nets
Description: A zoomed view of the cricket stumps setup in an enclosed garden cricket net.

4. Boosts Performance and Enhances Skills

The end goal for any practice session is to up your skills and boost your performance in the actual game. Cricket batting nets are designed to let you play your natural game, without any restrictions or inhibitions, helping you discover your strengths and shortcomings and work on them.

Daily practice in your back garden cricket net boosts your confidence and ensures you stay on top of your game performance. 

5. Priority on Individual Practice

If you haven’t practised for a while, you may notice a drop in performance in fitness levels and on the field. With garden cricket net practice, you get complete privacy and have the ability to plan your own sessions. Without others’ eyes on you, you have no distractions and can divert all attention to the task at hand. Individually focused practice also gives you the chance to innovate your very own techniques.

Plus, to catch up or exceed your regular training schedule, you need not depend on your other teammates to put in the extra hours for your practice. With total-play’s cricket batting nets, you can put in the hours without needing to run and fetch the ball.

6. Saves Time and Energy

Instead of wasting time and extra energy on fetching the ball, you can focus on upskilling your cricket game during your practice sessions. 

total-play’s back garden cricket nets employ high-quality ball-stop netting to restrict the movement of the ball to the net’s boundaries, ensuring quicker ball retrieval and optimised performance.

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