Ground Advice: Winter Maintenance

5th January 2015

Heading into mid-winter, the majority of your work will have been done for the year. You will have scarified the pitch in September to get rid of dead grass and organic matter that might create a layer of thatch that would affect the bounce. You’ll have reseeded and top-dressed to ensure the grass growth and improve surface levels, It’s also a good time to test soil for nutrient levels and aid the application of the right balance of fertiliser.

Until the ground gets warmer, the grass needs to be kept at between 20-25mm long. And as Christmas approaches it’s time to think about aeration. The grass roots should be taking hold so you need to punch holes into the profile of the pitch to allow moisture and air to circulate. Aerate a square with only a very solid tine (spike). Never use anything with slits.

Throughout the winter keep checking for disease and worm casts. It’s good practice to brush in the morning to remove dew and stand up any flattening grass. If the plants look weak or discoloured, you might have to add some fertiliser or get your soil tested. It’s important to have the right pH levels or your plants won’t unlock the nutrients they need.

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