Components 101: HD Protection Tunnel

Components 101: HD Protection Tunnel

You can rest assured the very best protection comes as standard on all of our ECB approved cricket practice facilities – courtesy of our HD Protection Tunnel netting system.

Each lane has its own ‘tunnel’ of netting – comprising one seamless piece of netting secured by tension wires and fixed metal hooks; preventing balls from escaping lanes via gaps in fatigued or poorly secured netting.

In addition to enhanced player safety, HD Protection Tunnel also offers benefits from a maintenance perspective. Tension wires spread the strain of high winds across the entire net, as opposed to specific pressure points and cable ties as is common with traditionally fixed netting, thus minimising the risk of the nets failing at isolated points.

The tension wire suspension also means that the net can be quickly and easily removed by loosening the wires and detaching from the hooks if required (although unlike many netting systems, it is designed to stay in place over the winter months).

The netting carries a class-leading 3 year warranty for damage caused by use.
It is also available to retro-fit to existing facilities as part of a refurbishment project, subject to suitability of the steelwork.


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