End of Season Tips For Climate Cover System

End of Season Tips For Climate Cover System

Use one of our Climate Cover System TM cricket pitch covers? Our Product Development Manager, Anthony Burton, has some tips for keeping it in top condition now the season’s come to a close…

“End of season works should now be complete and, as we enter the cooler autumn and winter seasons, I thought it an opportune moment to remind you about storage considerations for your Climate Cover flat sheets.

Amongst all the other essential tasks this time of year brings, please spare a thought for your flat sheet covers to help you achieve the longevity of use we expect.

Before Storage Make sure the Climate Cover is cleaned with a soft brush and clean water only. Avoid the temptation to use detergents, as these can compromise the hydrophobic properties of the Climate Cover material. Week to week during the season, its fine to store the cover away damp but prior to placing the cover in storage for a longer period (more than one month), the cover must be clean and dry. When drying, avoid leaving the underside exposed to sunlight for extended periods. The UV inhibitors are concentrated into the upper side of the material.

Storing To help achieve maximum longevity from the Climate Cover System, please store in the Protection Bag / or Sleeve. Store in a clean, dry frost free place, preferably raised off the ground to protect from potential nesting pests, such as mice. When in storage, It is essential to keep the covers out of sunlight to prevent premature UV degradation. Its fine to store the Climate Cover away damp in-between use during the season, but always clean and dry your cover before storing away post season.

Repairs This post season process is the perfect opportunity to inspect the cover for wear and tear or damage. Minor repairs can be made to the covers using a repair kit containing specialist glue, material and instructions provided by total-play. For larger repairs, the cover should be sent back to us for a professional inspection and manufacturer repair. Please contact us to initiate advice on getting your cover returned for repair. To help assure your cover can be repaired and returned prior to next year, its in our best interest to act now.

Further advice / information If you have any further questions, or requirements for 2017, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our online chat function at:www.total-play.co.uk, call us on: 01604 864575 or send an email to: info@thecricketgroundshop.co.uk