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17th June 2019

Our new ‘natural’ colour artificial cricket pitch carpet option will offer clubs even more choice when it comes to synthetic turf cricket practice facility and match pitch design.

Never satisfied with resting on our laurels, we continually seek to innovate and drive the non-turf cricket market forward.

Our latest addition offers clubs even more choice when it comes to the aesthetics of non-turf installations, by offering a new ‘natural’ colour carpet that closely mimics the straw-like shade of a grass match wicket. This ‘Natural Pitch Colour’ (NPC) option is already available on the tp5t tufted carpet system and, with a woven version undergoing ECB testing in summer 2019, it will eventually be available on all three of our ECB approved system designs. MD David Bates says:

“We’re always looking to offer greater choice when it comes to system components – in our three ‘core’ systems – tp365, tp5t and tpb1 we offer solutions to meet a variety of situations, all designed to offer a balanced game between bat and ball while standing up to the rigours of modern usage.

“For some time, we’ve been looking into developing a carpet that is more muted and closer to that of a ‘natural’ cricket pitch. The option is ideal for areas where planning may stipulate minimal visual impact such as near a listed building, or in a historic or particularly rural setting – but already we’re seeing clubs choose the NPC option for other interesting reasons.”

Among the first clubs to take up the new ‘tp5t NPC’ option in its new practice facility is Birmingham’s Kings Heath, choosing to combine it with blue borders and run-ups, as Club Chairman Jon Clugston explains:

“There are several reasons we opted for the natural and blue carpet colour combination – blue is our club colour so it was a nice touch but, on a more serious note, we’d read a lot into how a lighter coloured surface is important in helping young players improve their hand-eye coordination. We also have a group of visually impaired cricketers who use our facility on a regular basis, so the contrast on the carpet and also between the dark ball and lighter surface really helps them, too.”

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