End of Season Sight Screen Storage Advice

30th September 2018

In the second installation of his end of season cricket ground equipment advice blogs, Business Development Manager Anthony Burton looks at how to ensure your Sight Screens don’t take a battering this winter…

Due to their size and construction, Sight Screens are naturally going to be at the mercy of high winds, so need to be positioned in a sheltered area on site; secured away from prevailing winds. If your site is particularly exposed, then it would be wise to invest extra time and measures to make them safe.

Some Sight Screens use a fabric mesh which can be removed, reducing the risk of damage. Others, like our Store-Away have removable PVC planks which can easily be slid out of the steel frame for storage; minimising the wind load to the frames and making them much safer. Other designs may have wooden or PVC planks which are ’tek bolted’ to the frames, more time consuming to remove as the job will require power tools, but well worth the time invested.

Also, consider chaining the frames to help reduce the chance of them moving or, depending on the strength and fabrication of your Sight Screens, it may be possible to lean the structure over so that the screen is lower to the ground and not acting as a ‘sail’. Whatever method you decide to go with, follow safe manual handling practices and ensure you have enough helpers to ensure everyone’s safety.

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