Cricket sight screens

When established North Yorkshire and South Durham League side Billingham Synthonia CC was promoted to the Premier League for the 2019 season, two sight screens at each end of the ground was a requirement to play. We talked to Club Chairman Denis Wing about why they chose fabricated sight screens from our online store

“In order to play in the Premier League we needed to invest in new sight screens, and the league provided us with a £250 contribution toward the cost. We wanted something that was more sturdy that our original ones which, although are very good, are a bit lightweight and tend to blow over in strong winds. With total-play already working with us on the development of a new non-turf practice facility, we spoke to Anthony about their sight screen offering. We opted for their Store-away design, which suited our needs as not only are they a lot sturdier, they can be easily dismantled at the end of the season.

“Since taking delivery of the new sight screens, we’ve had nothing but compliments from opposing sides that have visited this season – although they do take some moving when I am on my own cutting the field! We’ve now dismantled them and stowed them away out of the weather, ready to bring out for the 2020 season – we’re also considering purchasing a set of black planks to make it easy to switch to black screens for white ball cricket.”

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