Climate Cover System™ – Haslingden CC’s experience!

8th July 2016

total-play Ltd’s groundbreaking Climate Cover System™ flat sheet ground cover is widely used at some of British cricket’s greatest venues – it was in use at all the grounds that hosted the 2015 Ashes series – but now increasing numbers of league and grass roots clubs are making the investment. One such club is Lancashire Cricket League side Haslingden CC.

Flat sheet ground cover upgrade

The club first upgraded from standard, heavy duty plastic flat sheet covers to total-play’s fully breathable system in 2011/12, initially buying a single large cover. Impressed with its performance, the club later invested in further large Climate Covers that cover 3+ wickets. For greater flexibility, they have since had one of the larger covers converted into two smaller covers to each cover a single wicket, or be used for run ups.

Haslingden CC has since been reaping the benefits of its investment, including the ability to leave the covers in place for long periods courtesy of their breathable properties. Club chairman Ian Cameron says:

“Periods of wet weather can be all too frequent in Haslingden, so it’s not unusual for covers to be left in place for the best part of a week at a time. Unlike our old sheets, this does not prove to be a problem with the Climate Cover System, as the grass underneath does not die and any areas under repair actually flourish.

“In the opinion of our groundsman, they are the best germination sheets he has ever used. We actually have to try and stop him using the sheet purely for germination purposes in periods of drier weather as this exposes the sheet to excessive sunlight. The sheets are also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre – when you add this to the system’s germination properties and protection of grass compared to a standard cover, it’s an easy choice to make.”

Getting the game on…

The club makes good use of the covers in the run up to matches and when used in conjunction with its two bowdry machines and a tractor pulled soaker, it is now ‘getting games on’ far more regularly than before.

In use at the at the ECB National Academy, Lords cricket ground, test match grounds, county grounds, schools and local league clubs the Climate Cover System™ remains the only truly breathable flat sheet cricket pitch cover on the market, and carries a 3 year warranty.

For more information on the Climate Cover System™, visit total-play’s online store, which is the exclusive online outlet

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