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10th April 2016

Rain Defender Mobile Cricket Pitch Covers

The Cricket Ground Shop has developed an extensive range of mobile cricket pitch covers; offering quality, affordability and value for money across a product range to suit club through to county. However, these are a versatile tool with benefits that go beyond a basic pitch cover, as our Business Development Manager, Anthony Benton explains…

Mobile cricket pitch covers as a groundsman’s tool

The fundamental challenge for the cricket groundsman is to keep the pitch dry – and the grass plant alive. Use of a roller alone can only get the surface to a certain level of hardness; from then on the surface only becomes harder through drying. Add the factor of the great British climate – which regularly defies seasonal expectation – makes the groundsman’s choice of cricket pitch cover system critical.

This is where using mobile cricket pitch covers, in conjunction with flat sheet cricket pitch covers, as part of a ‘system’ comes into its own. By alternating the different type of cover, you can help to control how the pitch dries out through evaporation, transpiration and drainage. When combined with an effective rolling programme this results in a surface that gives the desired hardness – and, in turn, performance.

Rain Defender Mobile Cricket Pitch Covers

The Rain Defender range of mobile cricket pitch covers has been designed to provide solutions to this challenge to suit a variety of budgets and situations; including PVC and steel-topped options, and with both dome and apex styles on offer.

The popular ‘PVC Dome’ mobile cricket pitch cover design includes three levels of specification – Dome, Dome HD and Pro Dome. Meanwhile, the ‘PVC Apex’ mobile cricket pitch cover design features a unique “double span” main support structure. This is incredibly strong whilst maintaining a low, manoeuvrable profile. Finally, the Steel-Topped mobile cricket pitch covers – ‘Tuff-Cover Apex’ and ‘Tuff-Cover Single Slope’ – offer increased protection for sites prone to intentional misuse.

Key features of the Rain Defender Mobile Cricket Pitch Cover range

Rain Defender mobile cricket pitch covers are robust by design. They have been developed by cricketers and groundsmen to be up to the rigours of regular use, yet easy to handle and deploy. Key features include:

  • Fully galvanised structure
  • Welded and galvanised gutters
  • Optional powder coating
  • 260mm wheels, two fixed, two swivel mounted onto 6mm plates
  • Optional logo placement if required
  • Side attachment upgrade available for flat sheets compatible with Climate Cover and Rain Cover
  • Replacement cover tops available
  • Replacement spare parts available
  • Bespoke covers can be manufactured to your requirement
  • Special discounts available for NWCF registered clubs

For further details of the Rain Defender mobile cricket pitch covers click here.

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