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1st February 2017

We are excited to announce some specification improvements to our great value Rain Cover cricket pitch cover for the new year.

Designed as an easy to use cricket pitch cover system offering quick protection against rain prior to or during play, Rain Cover is strong & semi-translucent; engineered to give maximum durability for frequent use. These attributes have seen the over especially popular with grass roots clubs since its launch back in 2013.

The relaunched version for 2017 builds on these qualities, with an improved material having been sourced offering added UV stability. Rain Cover cricket pitch covers are constructed from 14×14 HDPE woven yarn with double LDPE lamination, 100% waterproof, and feature webbing reinforced handles, hems & eyelets for added durability.

These specification updates, combined with Rain Cover’s keen price, make it the most cost effective cricket cover currently available through the NatWest CricketForce initiative. Product development manager at total-play Ltd, Anthony Burton, says:

“We’ve never been a company that rests on its laurels and continually strive to ensure our products are the best they possibly can be. The original Rain Cover provide an excellent, budget ground cover solution but we have found a material that offers even greater protection. This, added to the enhanced webbing reinforcement will make the Rain Cover even more durable – something that is important to clubs on a budget when investing in a key bit of kit.

“Coming in at just £339 for a 25 x 4m single pitch plus cover we are so confident that this is the best value cover in its class that we will beat the price of any sheet of similar specification. NatWest CricketForce clubs get an even better deal – they can pick up a 30% discount which equates to a single pitch plus Rain Cover for just £230!”

The Rain Cover cricket pitch cover is available exclusively via total-play Ltd’s online store, and is available in sizes ranging from one to three pitch covers.

For more information on the Rain Cover and how to claim NatWest CricketForce discount, visit total-play’s online store, which is the exclusive online outlet.

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