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10th April 2016

Cricket pitch specialist total-play Ltd’s Climate Cover SystemTM is once again proving the professional’s choice when it comes to cricket pitch covers, with county grounds including Surrey, Hampshire, Nottinghamshire, Sussex and Lancashire all placing orders of the system  ahead of the 2016 playing season.

Cricket pitch covers for all levels of play

This may come as little surprise – many of these clubs are returning customers and the system is a real favourite among first class venues. However, it’s not just cricket clubs at the upper levels that are investing in the benefits of these groundbreaking cricket pitch covers. An increasing number of league clubs are also getting ready to reap the rewards as Product Development Manager, Anthony Burton explains:

“It’s no secret that the Climate Cover SystemTM is a well-used tool at the top grounds. It is in use at every one of the test match venues from last year’s Ashes series – but what we’re seeing more and more now is clubs at the lower levels making the investment. Traditionally, grass roots clubs would have looked at more basic flat sheet cricket pitch covers  – however, they are seriously limited in terms of how long they can be left on the pitch and are really only useful for short term protection from rain immediately prior to or during matches.

“This is where the Climate Cover SystemTM comes into its own – it is truly breathable and the fabric also allows light to filter through to the grass plant; encouraging photosynthesis and growth. This means it can be left in place for much longer periods and can seriously help clubs keep matches on track – cancelled matches are not only disastrous in terms of lost revenue but can also be detrimental to player retention. They’re realising the importance of  buying a good cricket pitch cover. This is definitely helped by ECB funding streams targeted at ground cover investment and also by our relationship with NatWest Cricketforce, with member clubs enjoying a discount on the system.”

Climate Cover SystemTM is available exclusively via total-play’s online store, To discuss how it could help your club ‘get the game on’ – and about exclusive discounts for NatWest Cricketforce clubs – call 01604 864575

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