End of season tasks – Mobile Pitch Covers

20th September 2018

In the first of a series of short advice articles, Business Development Manager Anthony Burton talks us through the key things you should be doing in the coming weeks to ensure your mobile pitch covers survive the winter intact…

Hopefully you’ve had a great season’s play – with many clubs now winding down for the season now’s the time to start thinking about storing your cricket ground equipment – including mobile pitch covers – effectively for security, safety and longevity. The onset of autumn and winter can herald the arrival of some unpredictable weather. Sight Screens and Mobile Pitch Covers are especially susceptible to wind loading and it’s important that measures are taken to minimise the possibility of damage.

In the first of a series of short advice blogs on the subject, here we’ll look at mobile pitch covers…

Key Tasks:
– Remove PVC cover tops, printed banners etc should be removed from the steel frames as soon as they are no longer required. Keep them out of winter storms to minimise unnecessary UV exposure and maximise lifespan.
– Consider chaining the frames together and securing them which will reduce the chance of them moving.
– Store the PVC cover tops securely and preferable off the ground to minimise rodent damage.

How to remove and re-installation cover tops

1. Unhook bungees from gutter bolts along the sides of the gutters
2. Un-tie the bungee from the front and back of the frame ends
3. Fold the sides of the covers up onto the ridge pole, then carefully fold along the length of the frame.
4. Remove and store

Re – Installation:
1. Put folded cover top onto ridge pole
2. Fold out along ridge pole and fold down sides
3. Position evenly over the frame
4. Re hook the bungees onto the gutter bolts along the sides of the gutters
5. Tie the ends of the bungees to the end bar at the back and front of the covers.

For details of total-play’s range of mobile pitch covers head to the cricket ground shop. If you have any further questions, or requirements for 2019, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our online chat function, call us on: 01604 864575 or send an email to: info@thecricketgroundshop.co.uk

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