Climate Cover System™ – Leading for nearly 20 years

2021 marks the 19th anniversary of total-play Ltd’s flagship cricket pitch protection cover; the Climate Cover System™. Its revolutionary design has remained unchanged since the product’s launch, and it is still the only truly breathable flat sheet cricket pitch cover on the market.

Developed by former first class groundsman David Bates in conjunction with a team of scientists, the Climate Cover System™ is a cricket pitch protection cover designed by cricket groundsmen, for the cricket groundsman. Its fabric has been selected to be extremely strong and both translucent and breathable. Importantly, this allows both light and air to pass through; protecting the pitch from rain whilst allowing vapour to escape and ensuring the grass plant continues to grow underneath – attributes that mean the covers can be left in place for far longer periods than traditional flat sheet cricket pitch covers.

This, alongside its lightweight and easy to deploy design make it a key piece of kit which can be found in use at the ECB National Academy, the Kia Oval, test match grounds, county grounds, schools and local league clubs across the country. total-play Ltd MD, David Bates says:

“When we first developed the Climate Cover System™ I wanted to create something that helped to improve our pitches and would change the way cricket groundsmen used flat sheets. Having been in their shoes I understand the challenges involved in preparing first-class match pitches and wanted to give groundsmen everywhere a product that is practical but also didn’t harm the grass plant.

“We always strive to ensure our products are the best they can be and we have tweaked the product over the years but the fundamentals have stayed the same – it’s been a case of ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’.

“It’s also great to see so many smaller clubs now using the system – it’s always been a popular solution at the top end of the game, but we’re seeing use in league and even non-league clubs increase. Thanks to the ECB and other funding streams clubs are being given the opportunity to invest in better solutions for their ground, and many are recognising the Climate Cover System™ as a great long-term investment.”

The Climate Cover System™ is available exclusively via total-play Ltd’s online store, and is available in sizes ranging from one to three pitch covers.

For more information on the Climate Cover System™ cricket pitch cover, total-play’s other cricket pitch protection products and how to claim NatWest CricketForce discount, click here.

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