Launch of latest Protection Tunnel netting system

Sports surface specialist total-play Ltd has launched the latest generation of its revolutionary ‘cocoon’ netting system; HD Protection Tunnel. Designed to offer cricketers using practice nets greater protection as it comprises one seamless piece of netting secured by tension wires and fixed metal hooks, thus preventing balls from escaping lanes via gaps in fatigued or poorly secured netting, Protection Tunnel has proven a popular addition to the total-play range since its launch in 2011.

The product’s latest incarnation, HD Protection Tunnel, sees the introduction of an even more robust netting material, as total-play’s Business Development Manager James Coney, explains:

“We’re never satisfied to rest on our laurels when it comes to product development, and continually look for ways that we can improve our products to ensure that they remain at the forefront of their field. Protection Tunnel is no exception, and we’ve been working with our materials specialist to seek out a new netting material that not only offers even greater protection due to strength, but that is able to withstand the kind of extreme weather conditions that seem to be coming part and parcel of the great British summer!

“We’ve trialled various different types of net, finally selecting one which is most commonly used in lobster pots, of all things. It’s up to withstanding conditions at sea and attacks from lobster claws, and performed brilliantly during testing, so we’re confident that it will be a great enhancement to what is already proving a very successful product.”

In addition to enhanced player safety, HD Protection Tunnel also offers benefits from a maintenance perspective. Tension wires spread the strain of high winds across the entire net, as opposed to specific pressure points and ties as is common with traditionally fixed netting, thus minimising the risk of the nets failing at isolated points. The tension wire suspension also means that the net can be quickly and easily removed, simply by loosening the wires and detaching from the hooks, making for easy storage during winter months.

The new HD Protection Tunnel also comes complete with a 3 year warranty for damage caused solely by use*. A maintenance programme, whereby total-play’s team of installers will fit and make ready the system in the spring and remove again at the end of the season before thoroughly checking for any repairs needed, is also available.

HD Protection Tunnel can be installed to existing practice facilities or alongside one of total-play’s range of cricket NTP surfaces. It is available to purchase online exclusively via Alternatively, for further information, visit or call 01604 864575 to discuss your needs.

* Damage caused by use is covered by TP unless the padding installed on steel poles during initial construction has been removed and the ball is ‘pinching’ the netting on the poles. Any damage caused by a third party (i.e. rabbits, pests, mowers, vandalism etc.) can be repaired at a cost by TP

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